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Soon There Will be Four

As I mentioned last week, there are some changes happening over here on my blog and in my life in general.

First, I’m so excited to share that we will be welcoming another addition to the family next June! EEEK! Right now this time is filled with such emotion (and I’m already such an emotional person). I’m so anxious and excited for what’s to come, while also savoring my time with just little Dylan because it’s been so fleeting. Time goes so fast!

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Pineapple-Mint Slushie

Today, I have the PERFECT summer drink. Refreshing, light, fruity. And it's all that sounds good to me right now. 

I'm in the waiting game... waiting for our little girl to arrive. That feeling that every day of work will be the last I'll have before she comes. In court today I pictured my water breaking right there, in my suit jacket. Each night may be the last night we fall asleep before she is here. Did I ever mention, I am NOT a patient person?!

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Berry-Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Whoo hoo for nice weather here in the Midwest! It's the perfect time to share a nice, cool smoothie bowl with you.

Lately I've been making this bowl in the mornings because it's so fast with few ingredients. And it uses up the avocados I buy before they turn brown. I always find myself buying too many avocados, which means 1 or 2 to go bad on my counter before I get a chance to use them! Nothing more sad than throwing away bad avocado... :(  

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Go-To Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl {dairy-free}

My smoothie bowl kicks go in spurts. I'll make them non-stop for a while, and then I won't make a single one for months. For no reason, really. The smoothie droughts are just a change of scenery in my daily food journey. 

Well, you could say that right now I'm on a kick. I can't get enough big, bright, cold bowls that taste so good. It's my version of a cold soup. 

So today I'm sharing a current favorite of mine - mixed berry.,,

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Green Banana Smoothie Bowl

Happy New Year! 

I love the start of the new year. More so because of all the inspiration to eat clean and move more. Now, I'm not talking about resolutions that last one month and die... I'm talking about an overall look at what we are doing in our daily lives and we either continue doing it, or we tweak it a bit to make our bodies feel better.

In the spirit of clean, I've been making my go-to green smoothie bowl with breakfast.

I've shared many versions of this smoothie on my blog. But, I can't think of a better recipe post to start off this new year! 

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Apple-Ginger Smoothie {vegan}

Although fall has arrived, it still feels like summer here in the Midwest. 

This drink is a smash between fall and summer - with the apple and peach. Which is fitting for this month as the seasons are sort of blending together... in a wonderful way (aside from the constant sweating).

The past few weekends after morning runs and workouts, I've still craved something refreshing at breakfast. Enter this apple and peach drink. And we can't forget the zing from the ginger. It's a perfect, refreshing combo! 

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