Coconut Mango Cashews

So, there are roasted cashews, candied cashews, chocolate covered cashews... and then there are these cashews. 


This is a special recipe to me. Because it proves the impact of buying local. Not only are you supporting your local community, but you often get to know the seller.  Your product isn't being shipped from a different state - from a huge facility you will never visit.  And buying local can lead to possibilities in the kitchen. 

That is what happened here. I've raved about the St. Louis coconut butter company, My Coconut Kitchen, time and time again on my blog.  I prefer to buy it at various St. Louis farmer's markets, whenever I eye the founder Angie's stand.  She learned I love the plain 'naked' coconut butter, so she gave me this recipe for her "Kicked Up Cashews." 


As an avid nut eater, cashew lover and coconut fanatic, I took her recipe card and immediately went to buy natural dried mango and headed home to dive into this recipe.  

Now, would I have found this recipe without talking to her at the markets weekend after weekend? Maybe... but unlikely.  

Buy local and you will not only know where your food is coming from; but, you will meet locals and learn from those locals along the way.  

That being said, you gotta check this recipe out!  You make it all in one pan on the stove.  It's an interesting & addicting twist on your average mixed nuts - spicy, sweet and crunchy.

'Kicked Up Cashews' 

Adapted from My Coconut Kitchen

  • 2 cups raw cashews
  • 1/2 cup (4 oz.) natural coconut butter (I use "Naked" Coconut Butter from My Coconut Kitchen)   
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup natural/unsweetened dried mango, diced
  • 1/8 - 1/4 tsp. chipotle chili or cayenne pepper
  • 3/4 tsp. kosher salt 


  1. Toast cashews in a large nonstick saute pan over medium-low heat until nuts brown slightly and become fragrant (about 10 minutes).  Add the coconut butter stir until it melts completely. 
  2. Add the diced mango, pepper, and salt and continue to cook for about 5-10 more minutes, stirring and allowing the flavors to meld together. 
  3. Add in the cilantro and stir. 
  4. Either eat right away or let cool and the coconut butter will harden.  Once completely cooled, you can break up the pieces and serve.  Store in an airtight container  or mason jar at room temperature. 

Serve this at your next party or snack on it all alone.  I cut Angie's recipe in half, so just double this one for a bigger batch.  

I prefer popping the finished nuts in the fridge so they cool quickly, or I let them cool at room temperature.  This will allow the coconut butter to harden.  But hey, I'm also not against eating them warm - when they are a bit messy - right from the pan. ;)