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Classic Blackberry Pie

My husband Chad and I fell in love over food.  

We went to high school together and through that teenage crush (err, friendship) time. But, connecting again later on was on totally different level. 

He was in Brooklyn, me in the Midwest. With lots of text messaging what was for dinner, countless handwritten letters and shipments of cookies. In his New York apartment we handmade noodles, roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving at my sisters and baked granola on winter mornings.

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Classic Cherry Pie

What is it about a classic dish? That no-frills, no surprises, genuineness about it. A humbleness of sorts. That comfort knowing exactly what to expect. And then, that satisfaction when it actually tastes even better than what you expected. 

I'm all about the classic pie. I mean, why mess it up? You spend the time to make the crust, roll it out delicately, get a TON of berries... and you wait and wait for it to bake. And wait and wait for it to cool enough. 

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

This weekend is about remembering the fallen who have served our country... and is filled with flags, cookouts, pool days and the unofficial kick off to the summer months. And it's the perfect time to make an in-season pie!  

This is my mom's recipe and another family favorite.  It's uses a traditional pie crust that I love to use on all of my fruit pies.  It makes enough dough for a two-crust 10-inch pie, so it's enough to make a pretty lattice top. 

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Soft M&M Cookies

Happy Saturday! 

It's beginning to feel like spring here in the Midwest and I absolutely LOVE it! I don't know about you, but lately I've been in a funk. For a variety of reasons I've haven't been in the kitchen as much the past few months. (There are a lot of major things happening in my life lately that I'll be sharing with my readers soon!)

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My Dad's Cranberry Salad

Growing up and still today, my mom was the one in the kitchen, cooking and baking. Always getting homemade meals on the table for our family of eight and still today, with our ever-growing family with spouses and grandkids.

And the holidays were no exception. Homemade pancakes or cinnamon rolls in the mornings and homemade soups throughout the cold, winter day. She really did (and does) it all during the holidays!

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Wedding Season: Naked Carrot Cake

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with carrot cake.

In fact, while writing this post I came across my first blog post about it in 2010 (wait whhhaat... seriously 6 years ago!?).  

It was love at first "bite" at my sister Sarah's wedding in the fall of 2009. To me, everything was so perfect on that day: crisp fall air, vibrant orange and red leaves on the trees, a trolley ride around the park... and this carrot cake. A family friend made a three-tiered cake, thick with cream cheese icing and so moist and flavorful. I was in love. 

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