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My Cleaner Skin Care Routine

Today I wanted to share a bit about my healthier skin care routine.

This past summer I’ve really, really cleaned it up. You see, I’ve always cared so much about working out & eating healthy, but I never really cared about what I was putting ON my body. That completely changed when I found out what I was actually putting on my body…

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My post-baby morning workout routine + my go-to frothy coffee

If you like fitness and a good cup of coffee, then today's post is for you!... 

I've always been a morning person. It’s the time of day I prefer to workout or run. It’s when I feel my best because I’m not weighed down by the long day. But, it was always so rushed. I was spending much of my morning at the gym, only to have time to run home, shower and race out the door to work with a mug of coffee in my hand. I actually knew that I was spiraling into a frenzy and would be burnt out by it all soon enough. I mean,  you can't keep that up 7 days a week forever! But it was how I’d always been. I think it started with an active youth and then playing 4 varsity sports in high school, I was always on the move. 

Well something happened last year that sloooowed me down... like, way down.

A baby happened. 

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