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Chili & Lime Roasted Cashews

First of all, welcome to January! Wow, I can't believe another year has come and gone. I feel like it was just January 2017 and I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in the year ahead and now I'm here again facing another year. Maybe this is just how it is as we get older? Years fly by in a blink. So I'm definitely working on living in the moment in 2018. With my family - soaking up each dinner and holiday together. And especially with Dylan - watching her grow each day. Laying on the floor as she plays or holding her as I nurse, I watch her every move, trying to write it in my memory forever because I know she won't be this small forever. I know in a blink it'll be 2019 and I'll be writing a similar post about how fast the year went. Ahh life is crazy! But crazy wonderful. 

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Classic Blackberry Pie

My husband Chad and I fell in love over food.  

We went to high school together and through that teenage crush (err, friendship) time. But, connecting again later on was on totally different level. 

He was in Brooklyn, me in the Midwest. With lots of text messaging what was for dinner, countless handwritten letters and shipments of cookies. In his New York apartment we handmade noodles, roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving at my sisters and baked granola on winter mornings.

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