Mix it up -- send it off

When I was in undergrad, my mom would to send me "cookie mix in a jar.“ But she put it in a bag for easy sending. This kind of became a tradition of hers that she still does today.  She sends pre-made mixes to me and all my sisters, to whatever city we are living. 

Muffins, breads, cookies… you name it.  

A little taste of home.

And I, as well, send off cookie mixes to friends and family as gifts.


Cookie mixes are great because all of the ingredients are there.  All you have to do is add the butter, eggs, vanilla, or other wet ingredients.  It’s like a boxed cake mix…but better :)

It’s a great gift because the recipient can whip up the cookies whenever they want. I’ve kept the mixes for months before I made a batch of cookies. It’s basically flours and sugars, so the ingredients in the mix have a lengthy shelf-life. 

HOW TO DO IT:  Pick out any recipe.  Layer all of the dry ingredients in a jar or a bag. Write down the directions for the recipe –> Write down what other ingredients (eggs, butter, etc) the person needs to add before baking. 

See, it’s easy enough!  <3

Anna BeckComment