Apples and Peanut Butter

This is one of my favorite combinations of all time:  Natural Peanut butter + cinnamon + honey + apple slices. 


You can eat that combination just plain on the apples.  Or you can toast a piece of bread and make an open-faced fall sandwich.

You will love it, I promise.

Toast with Natural Peanut Butter and Sliced Apples

  • Any brand wheat Bread, toasted (I love Ezekiel Sprouted Grain)
  • Natural Peanut BUtter (My favorite is Smucker’s Natural that you have to stir up when you open it)
  • Drizzle Honey
  • Sprinkle with Cinnnamon


- Toast the bread.  Stir the peanut butter really well if you are just opening the jar for the first time.  Then spread a layer on the warm toast. 

- Slice an apple.  Layer the slices on the toast.  Drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon on top of the slices.

I love using the Ezekiel brand of breads. You can find it in the refrigerators in the organic section of most grocery stores (keep it stored in your freezer or refrigerator).  I like it because the bread is made with sprouted grains, which are easier for your body to digest.  These breads are high in fiber, vegan, and do not contain any flour.

It is also great because it holds up really well when I slather on the natural peanut butter. 

But, toasting it is KEY.   I don’t recommend eating it without toasting it. 

 It gets super crunchy and crispy.


Yes, as you can tell, I’m a big advocate for this bread. 

We are really close friends, obvi. 

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