Dairy-Free Double Hot Chocolate

Hello! I haven’t posted on this space in some time. I have some exciting things happening… more on that very soon! ;)

In the meantime, hot chocolate has been a daily occurrence in my life. I was never a huge hot chocolate drinker - I usually just enjoy it a football games or around the holidays - but lately it’s all I crave. It’s rainy & dreary over here today, so you can bet I just made a batch!

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Classic Apple Pie

In my opinion fruit is sooo much better when it’s picked fresh. I swear it tastes different. Maybe the extra work you put in makes you think the taste is even better. Maybe the taste is actually just the same? No, no… I’ve decided it really does tastes better. Plus, it hasn’t been sitting around for who knows how long.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

With Memorial Day coming up, I thought I would share one of my favorite crowd-worthy desserts. Perfect for a cookout or party.  Enter: the cookie cake. This is my favorite mostly because you just press it all into one pan and bake it and you're done. At least until you frost it. I recommend frosting it with a buttercream frosting and you're guests will love you forever. 

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Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal {for baby}

I have a confession. Feeding my baby so far in her 9 months of life has come with its own set of mom guilt and anxiety.

Don't get me wrong. I love food, think about food nonstop, and I'm so excited for our little eater to experience really great good. But, ever since Dylan was a newborn, I've always been worried about doing it the right way…

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