Food Review - Healthy Made Easy with Green BEAN Delivery

Now, full disclosure. When I was asked to check out Green BEAN Delivery's service, I was hesitant. Because I'm not the delivery type. Meaning, I've never ordered Jimmy John's; I don't remember the last pizza I've called in for delivery and I avoid ordering clothes online. Just the idea of someone bringing a product to my door instead of me going out to buy it... I refuse. 

So, I thought I had the same feeling about groceries. But, when I discovered what Green BEAN Delivery was all about (read about it here), I have to say - it's the one delivery service I will stand behind.  

This green bin was waiting at my doorstep! 

This green bin was waiting at my doorstep! 


A family-run company that sells local farms' produce and natural groceries. I mean, you can't really complain there!  

So, I went online, set up an account (for free) and ordered my first bin. A week later it arrived at my door. I cooked, I baked, I ate lots of fruit and I summed up the reasons why I give this organic delivery service two thumbs up:  

  • A bin of produce was delivered to my door on a Wednesday, so my mid-week grocery run that night was not needed!  Hump day just got a bit less hectic. 
  • You choose your groceries online and add them to your "shopping cart," which you review before you purchase the bin. This allowed me to re-evaluate what I actually needed before I checked out. Which I don't usually do at the grocery store check-out. Here, I removed a few items I picked early on but decided I didn't want (or need). The result? Money saved and no food wasted!  
  • The produce is labeled with the farm it is coming from.  Whether it be St. Louis greens or Indiana apples, you know exactly the source. Plus, most produce is local and organic. 
  • I bought a few items I don't usually buy at the store - such as cabbage, kiwi and plums. Which in turn, forced me to be creative with my meals. And when I ordered more corn than I usually buy, I had an extra ear to make these sweet corn cookies
  • Green BEAN Delivery's website offers a whole recipe database. I printed off a few recipes which called for the produce I bought, making me even more excited for this bin to arrive.  
  • The apples I bought weren't up to par, so Green BEAN doubled my order of them. You can't beat that friendly service!
  • There is no sign-up fee, membership fee or cancellation fee. Now that's my kind of membership.

Now, there were a few hurdles in the otherwise smooth process. I felt a little strange picking produce based off of a digital photograph. Will the item I'm buying look like the photograph? Not always. Those apples that weren't very big? I would have just passed them at the market and grabbed a different variety. And some of the stone fruit was a bit under-ripe, meaning I'd probably pass those up at the store, too.

But, that being said. Fresh, organic produce is not meant to be perfect. And that's the beauty of it. 

So, would I get my groceries delivered all the time? No. But, if I do, I'm using this local delivery service! And if you are time-strapped and can't make it to your local farmer's market, this is the perfect alternative. 

READER BONUS: If you want to try out Green BEAN Delivery, use the promo code "UrbanApron" and receive $15 off your first order!! 

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