Mini Banana Pancakes {sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free}

pancake 1.jpg

We are just starting to feed Dylan solid foods. It's baby steps. Started with avocado for a few days, then sweet potato, and this week we tried squash. She makes a confused look at her first bite of a new food. Like, so confused. Even cringes. But then eats it up with excitement.

Since day one, I've known we have a little eater on our hands. Before going back to work, I wanted to introduce the bottle to her so I could start pumping. I kept reading how it will be hard at first for the baby and they may fuss and want you, not the bottle. Nope, not Dylan. She guzzled it down like she didn't even remember I was the only source of her food up until that moment!! Hah! Oh well. It gets me excited she loves food so much! She even watches us eat with excitement. I can't wait to fix her meals and have her help me in the kitchen. 

When Dylan gets a little older, I imagine I'll be giving her some of these little banana pancakes to eat. And what's great is that they are SO simple to make! Because time in the kitchen is definitely limited now, so easy recipes are key. But don't worry - these are not just for kids; they're my go-to when I'm feeling some pancakes (oh, you know that feeling). I make them mini so they are easy to flip and quick to cook. Plus, they are cuter to stack if you ask me. 

These are grain-free, sugar-free and dairy-free! I prefer topping them with berries or sliced banana and a drizzle of melted nut butter. Or, splurge and top with pure maple syrup, as pictured here! 

This recipe is just 4-5 ingredients and you better hop over to St. Louis Magazine and get my recipe!! 

pancake 2.jpg