Eat to Live. Bake to Love. 

Welcome to Urban.Apron! My name is Anna and I'm excited to give you a peek inside my kitchen.  

After growing up in the kitchen with my mom, baking has become a major part of who I am. I started this blog as a journalism major at Indiana University - blogging as a way to document my baking adventures. This blog has stayed by my side through law school, two state bar exams and now today, eight years later, in St. Louis, Missouri where I work as an attorney. I also write recipe posts for St. Louis Magazine. Through it all, my kitchen is where I feel the most at home.

I bake because I want to show the world that sweets should be enjoyed often and in a healthy way! As an avid runner, fitness enthusiast and yoga lover, I strive to bake and eat clean in order to fuel my workouts and feel good. I also eat a grain-free diet, so many of my recipes are naturally flourless.

But, you will also find good ol' cookies and cakes here on my blog. Because even when we stay active and eat clean... there are times that call for that classic cookie to take to an upcoming birthday party. That's what my blog is here for. To give you my favorite recipes that I've been making for years, as well as some unique healthy variations to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone.  

We all bake to show love. Taking the time, using your hands and giving others something you've made.

Baking is a gift and I am excited to share this gift with you!