My Beautycounter Top Picks

Happy Sunday! We are still in this cold winter weather in the Midwest, and from the news lately, I think a lot of us are experiencing a cold winter! Which for me means dry skin.

I wanted to share my current Beautycounter favorites that have saved my skin in these dry, cold days.

First of all. Why Beautycounter? Last fall, I shared in a post why I made the switch to safer, and why I chose to be an advocate for Beautycounter. When looking at a skin care company these days, it’s very important to look at a few things. Are they transparent? Do they care more about our health or do they just care about their bottom line? Do they take into consideration our planet? Beautycounter has checked off all the boxes for me. That, and it had a story. A reason why there is a team of advocates across the country and in Canada that are sharing this clean beauty movement. A story best told person to person and not from a store shelf. A story best told directly to the consumer. If you’re new to the company, read about them here. I have been blown away by the work they are doing and want to shout from the rooftop to all my friends and family why what the company is doing is VERY important right now.

In the meantime, I want to share my MUST HAVES with you!

First off - SKIN CARE.

As much as we may not think we use a lot of products. We do. When swapping to safer, but feeling overwhelmed, I would do a little at a time and swap out things you use every single day. For me, that was a face wash and face lotion. Here is my current obsession.


I have been using the Rejuvenating line which is very hydrating while also anti-aging (my years lifeguarding and running outside have caught up with me!). To get the best results, I would go with a four-piece regimen. One, it’s the most bang for your buck. And two, when used together, these items work the best! If you are going to invest in a good lotion or serum, why put it on top of cheap items that don’t work as well? It’s worth it to get the whole 4 piece set!

The rejuvenating line is definitely the most-powerful Beautycounter skin care line because of the anti-aging properties. If you have combination skin and still want some age prevention, I would check out the Countermatch Regimen. The four-piece regimen has the night cream!

Not sure which line is best for your skin? Take the quick, 4-question skin care quiz to find out. Plus get 10% off a collection.

If I could pick one product to use, I would choose this balm. Especially in the winter because I wear it as an ultra-hydrating overnight mask! It’s also great to remove makeup. Or, if you need a hydration boost, just wear on your face for 10 minutes and wipe off. It’s a bit more pricey than other items, but it lasts around 10 months!

I never used facial oils before, but quickly realized I was missing out. What I also did not realize is that a lot of skin care products strip your face of its natural oils, so these facial oils actually give your skin what it needs and provides hydration without leaving your skin oily. There are three Beautycounter oils, #1 for brightening with vitamin C, #2 for plumping for fine lines and wrinkles, and #3 for balancing. To balance the redness in my skin, I love using the #3 oil. But, I really love all three. I mix a few drops right into my daily face cream or night cream.

This is another product that I recommend if someone really wants to balance their skin, make it smoother and clearer. This mask is on my list of top BC favorites. You only wear 10 minutes and rinse off and my skin feels so soft after it!

Next up - MAKEUP

I swear by the Flawless in 5 set. It’s my go-to for pretty much every single day. It’s also bundled at a discount so you save money on 6 products.

What’s also important about Beautycounter makeup? They test for heavy metals, something a company isn’t required to do which means most probably don’t. Lead is in lipstick and companies don’t have to test or limit the levels of it. Natural, mineral based makeup is also high in heavy metals.

Here is what the Flawless in 5 includes:

  • Foundation (lightweight and hydrating, while also can be layered for more coverage)

  • Concealer pen (great for under eyes)

  • Mascara

  • Blush

  • Brow pencil or the NEW brow gel (love this stuff)

  • Lip gloss (not sticky!)

Some days I do an add on with this eye shadow palette in Classic.

If you become a Band of Beauty member, you’ll also get free shipping on the Flawless in 5 set and then get a free makeup remover as a free gift! This is a great perk program because you get free shipping over $100, free gift at sign up and product credit back on every purchase.

Hope this helps and remember, a little at a time with the safer swaps add up and your skin and health will thank you!

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