Gift Ideas for a New Mom

As I am gearing up for baby #2, I’ve been thinking back to before I had Dylan. What I had no idea I needed. Or what I’ve loved and plan on using again with the next little one.

So I thought I would make a list of things I feel are the perfect gifts for a new mom. If you’re a new mom and looking for items to add to your registry, check these out!  Or if you’re looking for a baby shower gift, these will be well-used. At least they were for me! Also, I am NO expert and there are plenty of things that moms swear by and are not on this list. But these are some of my top picks for gifts!

  1. Lactation Cookies

I love the gift of a homemade item. When I had Dylan, I had these cookies stored in the freezer and ready for me when I got home from the hospital. Sure enough I had 3 right when I got home. And when my two close friends were also pregnant, I brought a box of these cookies to a lunch we had together before our little ones arrived.  Package up a box of them and gift. You can even include the recipe so the mom can make them herself after she finishes this batch off!

2.  Medela Nursing Sleep Bra

My sister gifted me this bra and I had NO idea how much I needed it… after having Dylan I went and bought another one because I wore it so much! I even wear it now while I am pregnant. It’s so easy to put on, comfy and light. And it’s perfect for nursing mamas. Even though it says a “sleep” bra, I wear it all the time. It doesn’t have any padding, so just be careful what you choose to wear it under. ;) 

3.    Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

I’m a working mama which means I’m a pumping mama. Like, all day pumping.  Not glamorous and I feel a whole post needs to be written about how all pumping/working moms need a trophy because most work environments, in my opinion, are not well suited for it which leads to a very isolating period for most. 

Pumping at work also means that at the end of the day there are a lot of bottles to wash and dry. So this drying rack was stocked at ALL times with Dylan. It’s so cute too with the flowers you can insert.  It’s one baby shower gift I can say I used (and still use) every day.

I would gift it along with these glass bottles.  I love them because they are sturdy and also froze milk very well.

4.  Beautycounter’s Welcome Baby Gift Set

I’m sharing this one on here because I didn’t know about Beautycounter products when I was pregnant with Dylan and I wish I had.  I wish I was gifted this set. Dylan was so sensitive and there were barely any products (seriously, like none) I could find on the market that were gentle enough for her skin.

Now I gift this to all my new mama’s out there. It comes in a pretty box, and gives you plenty of clean, safer baby essentials like body wash, baby balm, soothing oil and lotion. A healthy mama’s dream!! If I don’t get the Welcome Baby gift set, I’m gifting this Baby Bundle with my top baby picks bundled together: baby soothing oil, protective balm and bath wash. If you don’t know what to gift a new mom and want something special…trust me. This is it.

And every new or soon-to-be mom needs some safer pampering items for herself. I recommend this body butter (great also for a growing belly) or sugar body scrub for the shower or bath.

5. Cute Swaddle Sets

I’ve love these swaddle sets from Spearmint Love. I received this fruit one and it was such a fun gift for a summer baby!

In my opinion, every mom needs a cute blanket to wrap their little one in, and the patterns are by far my favorite! Plus, they are light and soft and perfect for so many things.

6. Children’s Aprons

If a new girl is on the way, I love these kid’s aprons from Anthropologie. This is a fun gift. I’ve gifted aprons to all my nieces and watching them wear the aprons in the kitchen as they grow is the absolute best! It’s also a fun gift for a 1st birthday.

7.    BOB Running Stroller

This was probably one of my favorite and most used items after having Dylan. Worth every penny.  Because walks or runs in the park are SO much easier with a running stroller. We still take this everywhere!

This console is also a life savor because you can place keys, a phone or drinks in it. You will need an adapter for an infant seat for the first several months, so that is also a necessary item! You can buy an adapter that is specific to the mom’s infant seat. 

New mom’s out there, I recommend registering for this!



What gifts did you love or what are you gifting new moms?!