My Clean Skin Care Routine

Hi! Today I wanted to share a bit about my healthier skin care routine.

This past year I’ve really, really cleaned it up. You see, I’ve always cared so much about working out & eating healthy, but I never really cared about what I was putting ON my body. That completely changed when I found out what I was actually putting on my body…

Today, the U.S. has banned 30 ingredients in personal skin care products. Only 30. Out of the 88,000 chemicals that have been introduced since World War II, only 30 are banned! And less than 10% have even been tested for human safety. The European Union, for example, has banned 1,400 ingredients. Why is the U.S. so behind!?! The FDA, cannot even pull an unsafe product off the shelf. Today in America, no one is required to disclose ingredients in skin care products. Companies can call something natural, botanical, etc. and it means nothing. Companies can call a product whatever they wish. Heavy metals are in our makeup, even the mineral-based ones. There hasn’t been a major federal law governing the ingredients in personal care products since 1938. This $60 BILLION dollar industry is currently being governed by 1.5 pages of law.  UMMM, WHAT?

When I learned about this all, it made me so angry and frustrated. I trusted what was on the shelves. How are we letting this happen?

These are all things I did not know. Things that 80% of Americans DO NOT KNOW.

That’s why I’ve joined a movement to change that - Beautycounter. Its mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. To make us all more aware. So we all can make better choices. And demand that things change. 

I admit. I was very hesitant at first. I did not want to me “that person.” Or working for “that kind of company.” I was unsure what people would think. In a world where our social media feeds are flooded with sponsored posts and blogs are filled with advertisements and affiliate links, was I just going to look like another person trying to sell something?

But this is so much bigger than selling clean lotion or makeup. This is about making a real change.  For my health, my family’s health, my friends’ health, my daughter’s health. Beautycounter goes to D.C. to lobby for safer skin care laws. How many skin care companies can say they do that? I don’t know of one. It may be a long road ahead, so it’s up to each one of US to take control of what we are putting on our bodies.

And you know what else? The products are REALLY, REALLY good. Beautycounter has created a solution through product and it is leading the industry in safer beauty. Other companies are starting to follow suit! The products are safe for pregnant women, nursing mamas, babies, kids… everyone. Of all ages, too!

So today I wanted to share the items I use each and every day.  If you are reading this, I hope to inspire to you read the ingredients in what you are using, pay attention to what you are putting on your body; and I urge you to seek out cleaner products. Let’s all tell the market we want BETTER. 


Night Routine:


Morning Routine:

  Pictured here is the Flawless in 5

Pictured here is the Flawless in 5

Makeup Routine:

Okay that’s it for right now! I hope you found this post helpful, and if nothing else, you are motivated to clean up your own beauty routine.  Draw the connection between what you put on your body and what you put in it.

And it can be overwhelming at first. That’s okay! What I did was added items in one at a time as I ran out of product. Just making one clean swap makes a difference!