Glazed Coconut Cookie Bites {grain-free, sugar free}

Happy Sunday! Today I have a fun twist on an energy bite. Our family has been cutting out refined sugar this month, and oh how good I’ve been feeling on simply whole foods! But, from time to time it’s good to have a pick-me-up treat. And the good thing is that it can still be a treat WITHOUT the sugar. The trick? Dates. That’s all you need to give these the right amount of sweetness.

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Gift Ideas for a New Mom

As I am gearing up for baby #2, I’ve been thinking back to before I had Dylan. What I had no idea I needed. Or what I’ve loved and plan on using again with the next little one. So I thought I would make a list of things I feel are the perfect gifts for a new mom. If you’re a new mom and looking for items to add to your registry, check out some of these items! Or if you are looking for a baby shower gift, these will be well-used. At least they were for me!

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Soon There Will be Four

As I mentioned last week, there are some changes happening over here on my blog and in my life in general.

First, I’m so excited to share that we will be welcoming another addition to the family next June! EEEK! Right now this time is filled with such emotion (and I’m already such an emotional person). I’m so anxious and excited for what’s to come, while also savoring my time with just little Dylan because it’s been so fleeting. Time goes so fast!

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Dairy-Free Double Hot Chocolate

Hello! I haven’t posted on this space in some time. I have some exciting things happening… more on that very soon! ;)

In the meantime, hot chocolate has been a daily occurrence in my life. I was never a huge hot chocolate drinker - I usually just enjoy it a football games or around the holidays - but lately it’s all I crave. It’s rainy & dreary over here today, so you can bet I just made a batch!

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